Make Your Red Carpet Events A Success With The Glambot

Glambot is the perfect tool to make unforgettable shots. Whether you visit or organize red carpet events or weddings, concerts, photo shoots, model runway shows and many more: Glambot Robot
is easy to use and gives a unique insight into every moment.

Are you looking for a state-of-the-art Robot Arm camera system that can capture cinematic-quality video of people at live events? Whether you are an event organizer planning an event or a businessperson wanting to rent out a camera to others, you will not find a better-quality Robot arm camera system than the technologically sophisticated Hypeclip Robot Arm system.

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Glambot is Perfect for All Red Carpet Events

Glambot features an ultra-fast Robot Arm camera the process of recording, editing, and distributing commercial-quality video content. It is the perfect camera to use for a variety of different events, including Hollywood-style red carpet events, Music videos and concerts, Model runway shows, Extravagant parties, Corporate events, Weddings, Birthdays and all other glamorous activities.

Glambot records video at a high frame rate of 120 to 240 frames per second. It is the ideal frame rate range for recording smooth slow-motion footage in Full HD or even 4K ultra high definition of guests and performers walking, standing, dancing, singing, posing, and more. You can expect the Glambot camera to clearly capture every detail of the people, outfits, performances, and activities at the events.

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Glambot Camera at red carpet event

A Similar Robot Arm Camera Used at Hollywood Award Shows and Red Carpet Events

Nationally televised entertainment events like the Golden Globe Awards, MET gala, Grammy Awards have popularized the use of the Glambot because of how well it can capture dynamic pictures of celebrities, their makeup, and their gorgeous outfits. With the power of the Glambot, you can turn any event into a red carpet-style spectacle. Just let the camera and robotic arm do most of the work!

No Experience Necessary

Users do not need any special technical skills or professional videography experience to operate the Glambot camera successfully. Simply download the Glambot app onto your mobile smart device and link it to the Glambot camera to begin using it. The app comes with several preset movements for the robotic arm, so all you need to do is tap a few buttons to position the camera properly and begin capturing video. It is that easy!

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Use Glambot to Grow Your Business and Make Money

Glambot offers event organizers and business owners the opportunity to generate additional revenue and increase user engagement with their brands.

Once you purchase the Glambot hardware, you can generate an immediate return on your investment by renting out the camera to your customers. Some practical ways to make money with Glambot:
Rent out the Glambot Robot at your event or commercial store, Start a photo booth rental company or Sell Hollywood-quality videography. Purchase your Glambot camera today and receive a free 3-month subscription to the Glambot App to help get your Glambot rental business venture up and running.

Contact Hypeclip at [email protected] if you have any questions.

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