Give your guests a reason to smile, have fun and capture these memorable moments

Take your events to the next level with our Hypeclip Robot Arm to create the Glambot Videos that you love. This robotic arm system ensures pinpoint precision in every shot, enabling you to capture moments like never before. But it’s not just about function; the sleek design of the Hypeclip Camera for Glambot effect harmoniously blends with occasions ranging from birthdays to weddings, red carpet affairs, and beyond. Plus, it effortlessly syncs with the GlambotApp.

How Does The Hypeclip Robot Create Glambot Videos?

Operating the Glambot Robot is a breeze with this simple 1-2-3 guide:

Effortless Setup: Begin by placing the robust metal stand on a stable surface. Securely attach the Hypeclip Comet Robot Arm to the stand, and effortlessly mount your preferred camera on the specialised Glambot camera mount.

Seamless Connection and Control: Connect your Glambot robot arm to your device, and you are ready to go. Change the network settings, and connect arm to  the GlambotApp, you can control the Glambot Robot. In the settings, you can easily adjust the speed and angles of the camera.

Unleash Your Creativity: Once everything is in place, let the filming begin. Capture moments from unique angles, add a dash of slow motion and zoom in at your guests without losing video quality, as celebrities are filmed at red carpet events such as the grammys. Experience the magic of the Glambot Robot now.

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Using the Hypeclip Robot Arm for your Events

The Glambot Robot Arm system has made a name for itself in the red carpet world and is suitable for any event. Nevertheless, it still comes into its own best at events where outfits are important. Thus, the Glambot Robot Arm can record the details of any outfit to perfection, from the glittering jewelry to tailored suits. Afterwards, the GlambotApp offers the ability to play videos in slow motion at the desired moment, when someone strikes a pose or a stunning outfit needs to be properly captured. The Hypeclip Robot is also suitable for recording footage to promote your business! Kickstart your rentals with our Hypeclip Camera Robotic Arm System for Glambot videos.

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