Make Your Events A Success With The Glambot Camera

The Glambot Camera combines the magic of slow motion and an unmatched sturdiness provided by a cutting-edge Dobot Nova 5 Robot Arm capable of nailing precise movements, so that you can land shots like you never could before. And don’t forget the touch of elegance to top it off. No eye sore here; the Glambot Camera was designed with a tasteful touch of sleekness that would be fitting for even the most upscale events. From birthdays to weddings, red carpet events and more, the Glambot Camera was designed to help you tell the story of life in the most cinematic way possible. And it pairs seamlessly with the Glambot App, and comes with 3 months of free use to kickstart your rentals.

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Create Stunning Slow Motion Videos Easily

Capturing captivating Glambot slow-motion videos has never been this easy! Our Glambot robot is designed to bring the magic of slow motion to your videos effortlessly. This all-inclusive system consists of a sturdy metal stand, the cutting-edge Dobot Nova 5 Robot Arm, and a versatile camera mount that accommodates a number of camera types.

What is the Glambot Camera System?

Imagine having a powerful tool at your fingertips that brings your videos to life in a whole new way. The GlamBot Camera Robotic Arm System is designed to elevate your videos by making slow-motion videos fun, exciting, and easy. This glambot camera robotic system is a combination of three essential components that work together to create stunning slow-motion results.

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Solid White Metal Stand: Strength and Elegance Combined

Our system not only offers reliability but also a touch of elegance. The white metal stand is more than just a support – it’s a statement. Its sleek, clean design blends into any setting, adding sophistication to your creative setup.

Dobot Nova 5 Robot Arm: Precision in Motion

The Dobot Nova 5 Robot Arm is renowned for its smooth and precise movements. This advanced robotic arm is your creative companion, allowing you to capture shots that were once out of reach. With its exceptional accuracy, your videos will exhibit a level of professionalism that’s second to none.

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Versatile Glambot Camera Mount: Your Camera’s Best Friend

Worried about compatibility? Our system includes a Glambot camera mount that’s designed to work flawlessly with a wide array of cameras. Whether you have the Z Cam, the latest GoPro models, or the trusted Canon cameras, our mount is up for the task.

Bonus! Steadiness Assured: Rubber Mat for Shake-Free Footage

Every videographer’s nightmare is shaky footage. To take care of this concern, we have included a rubber mat in our system. Placing your Glambot robot arm on this mat ensures that your videos maintain their steadiness, no matter how dynamic the shot.

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How Does The Glambot Camera Work?

Using the Glambot Camera Robotic Arm System is as easy as 1-2-3:

Set Up: Place the metal stand on a stable surface, AKA the rubber mat. Attach the Dobot Nova 5 Robot Arm securely to the stand. Mount your camera of choice on the special Glambot camera mount.

Connect and Control: Connect your Glambot robot arm to your device and let the magic begin. Our user-friendly controls put you in charge. Maneuver the arm, adjusting speed and angles as you go.

Create Magic: Once everything is set up, it’s time to film. Capture scenes from unique perspectives, add a touch of slow motion, and watch your videos transform into something straight out of a professional movie.

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Glambot Camera For Sale: Bring The Red Carpet To You

Glambot Camera Robotic Arm System isn’t just a tool – it’s your toolkit for visual mastery. From weddings to action sports, creative advertisements to documentaries, this system opens doors to a world of stunning slow-motion possibilities.

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