Internet-free Sharing Box


Introducing the ultimate sharing solution – a box that offers seamless wireless and wired sharing without the need for an internet connection! Say goodbye to tedious video uploads and embrace lightning-fast high-quality video transfers.

Get ready to experience unparalleled convenience with our innovative app. Connect your iPad or iPhone to this magical box using an ethernet adapter and cable, and watch the magic unfold. The sharing box emits its own local network Wi-Fi signal, enabling guests to receive videos without any internet access required.

Event-goers, rejoice! Connecting your Android phone or iPhone to this extraordinary box is a breeze, whether you choose to go wireless or wired.

But wait, there’s more! This versatile box also doubles as an internet hotspot. Connect to any Wi-Fi source, and voilà – your iPad or iPhone wired to the sharing box will have instant internet access. Embrace the future of sharing with this fantastic all-in-one sharing solution!

Included: GlambotApp Sharing Box, WiFi USB antenna, power supply and cable.
Not included: USB-C hub and ethernet cable